I enjoy writing long-form articles and short-form notes. I like sharing what I see with photos. I have a few things I’m focused on right now.

I’m a big fan of

Things I Value Highly

Faith - I was raised in a Christian home, but came to my own relationship with Jesus around high school. I believe my life is a beautiful gift and that it’s my privilege to use it to honor the one who gave it to me.

Family - My family is my heart. I am always growing deeper in friendship and love with my wife. And we are both in awe of our daughter as we watch her learn how to navigate the world.

Love - Cheesy? Yeah… But I really value this. And I don’t mean “love” in the Hallmark kind of way. I mean empathy, desiring the best for others, and a sacrificial deference to the needs of others. I am shocked by the lack of love that many people have experienced, and I have found that giving it freely is one of the most rewarding things I can do.

Curiosity - There’s a lot out there, and I’ve been exposed to little. I like broadening my knowledge little by little. Talking to people and showing interest in what gets them excited is one of my favorite ways to do this.

Honesty - I place a lot of value on truth. Anytime I’ve been untruthful did not go well, so I’m trying to never do that again. I’m excited about this site as a place where I can honestly share myself.


I’m an IT Specialist at the NASA Safety Center doing all sorts of different things:

  • product owner for the NASA Cause Analysis Tool
  • product owner for the OSMA Self Evaluation Tool
  • product owner for the NASA Mishap Information System API
  • developing low/no-code solutions in Power Platform
  • improving app teams' integration and delivery
  • information system owner for NSC security plans
  • author/maintain development standards for the NSC

Were you wanting to know something that you couldn’t find here? Send me an email.