Coffee and journals were made for each other. β˜• πŸ–‹οΈ

A brown leather journal with a black pen clipped on, a Chemex pour-over and a coffee mug sit atop a brown wooden table.

Spotted this during date night. A good omen?

A book titled Born to Blog sits turned outward on a bookshelf in front of other books.

“What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence, a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it.”

- Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Workweek

This is a big reason that I’ve been off of social media. The main thing I miss is keeping up with life updates from friends and family. Someone should build an AI that watches my social feeds and sends me a summarized weekly email of my friends' and family’s updates.

I added a new option for subscribing to new posts on my Subscribe page. Now you can choose between subscribing only to long-form Articles or subscribing to all posts.

This one gave me chills at the end. A wonderful piece by Henrik Karlsson. The third chair

Tear It All Down

My website looked quite different at its beginning. I thought starting a blog would be a good opportunity to play around with new technology, so I decided to teach myself SvelteKit and build my site with it. It was very exciting: I would build in SvelteKit, write all my posts as standalone markdown files, and deploy on Vercel. As I started building and exploring what other people had done to get inspiration, I came across a concept called the IndieWeb.

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I’ve had a Now page for a bit now, but just had my site added to Pretty neat that Derek curates this all himself. He seems like a kind and down-to-earth guy over email, which tracks with what I picked up from his site.

I’m getting excited for this moon landing! Coverage has started:…

A Piece of My Self

A blog post is not just a piece of writing to me. It is a piece of my self, and these pieces track the process of my becoming. Sometimes I forget and I get lost, so these pieces and connections help to bring me back to who I am and who I aspired to be. - Winnie Lim, in P&B: Winnie Lim I appreciate this reframing of a blog post as a “piece of my self”.

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Blog posts written by hand from prison, sent via snail mail, and scanned onto the web

TajΓ­n ClΓ‘sico is a new staple in our kitchen. I’m putting it on everything. πŸ‹πŸŒΆοΈ

My wife and I put together this little Atlantis so my little Saturn V has a buddy on the shelf now πŸš€

Sheet metal model of the Atlantis Space Shuttle sitting on a shelf.

I shared my article about my Obsidian Daily Note template on Reddit in the ObsidianMD community and got a really positive response. I was surprised how quickly people were already trying to incorporate changes into their workflow and had questions for me (I had never posted on Reddit before)! I even had one person (@amerpie) reach out individually to let me know the template had helped him, and came to find out he was a fellow resident of! The web is an awesome and positive place when you know where to look!

Just added a Uses page to my blog! I linked to it from my About page but didn’t put it in the main nav. I hope to keep this relatively up-to-date, I’ll check in on it when I update my Now page roughly quarterly.

Little Saturn V on display in my office. Let me tell you these mini Legos were a PAIN to put together!

Six inch tall Lego model of a Saturn five rocket blasting off of a launch pad.

Now 2024-02-17

My 7mo daughter is starting to push herself around the house backward. I’m having fun chasing her around as she unknowingly slides herself under chairs. I am gearing up to launch the NASA Cause Analysis Tool in late March. The product is looking really good! I’ll be able to share more about it when it shows up on our public-facing Mishap Investigation page. I’ve been re-organizing and adding to this site as I learn more about all the options I have with Micro.

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I was pleasantly surprised by the Wizard of Oz Museum. The interactive experience room was pretty neat! Although I have to say I liked the Van Gogh experience and James Webb images a lot more than the actual Wizard of Oz experience 🀫

Got a sneak peek behind the scenes at Blue Origin’s Orbital Launch System Manufacturing Facility where they are working on the New Glenn orbital rocket. Unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures other than in the lobby, but there was a lot there! They had the first New Shepard rocket, which had 5 successful flights, on display. They also had a Blue Moon MK1 prototype on display. And lastly, they had a prototype for their New Shepard Crew Capsule.

Spotted just inside the doors of the HQ building at Kennedy Space Center. The center’s namesake still inspires today.

“Cloud Breaker”. A Falcon 9 1st Stage returning to land back at the Cape. Pretty amazing to get to see my first Falcon 9 launch for the PACE mission.