I’m adding a new category on my site for haiku. Most of these will be quick micro-posts, but others may be longer. I have an idea for an interactive haiku but I’m not positive how that will work since my posts are published in Markdown. It should be a fun mini-project!

To my chagrin, I tend towards rule-following, so most of my haiku will follow the 5-7-5 format. I would like to experiment outside of those lines from time to time.

Here are some haiku I’ve been workshopping in my pocket journal:

whatever you do
must matter so you enjoy
whatever you do

I will be faithful
all of my days are for you
no one else will do

flowers dance in wind
clouds amble along slowly
people collect likes

quite peculiar
is the love of a small child
pure, strong, undeserved

oh you fool! live more!
think often of your deathbed
it is near, not far

look how far I ran
so far to be same old me
right where I began